Burchfield Physiotherapy benefits from having most things you require for your treatment on-site. This allows us to offer a range of treatments suitable to your needs.


Whatever you are trying to achieve, whether its to get off your crutches, walk 5 miles, run a marathon or get back to sport, we will tailor your rehabilitation for your individual needs, in our gym space.

Our gym space can also be used as a space to hold classes such as Pilates

Treatment rooms & equipment

Our treatment rooms are fully equipped with the tools to help you get back to health and fitness. This includes massage beds, small exercise equipment, acupuncture and electrotherapy.

Hydrotherapy pool

Our hydrotherapy pool allows us to provide exercise and rehabilitation in a safe and comfortable environment. This is particularly useful for post-operative physiotherapy where the patient needs to gently regain strength and control of their body.

The pool is a good size, comfortably warm and maintained to the highest standards. We have sufficient changing and showering facilities to make it simple and comfortable throughout the course of your treatment.